“Not everyone can
become Famous,  
But everyone
can be GREAT

– Martin Luther King Jr.

David Delgado

Contact: 580-224-7698 

Who Me?

If you have a conversation with me and ask me about you, I will find a way to turn it around on you. Pretty soon, you are telling me things you only would tell your mother. Sometimes there are tears involved. That’s ok. It happens all the time.

We are most shaped by who we love and who loves us.
My favorite part of my life is my family, which I helped create with my wife of twenty-two years. Of course, this family of introverts would prefer not to be listed or pictured on the page, but I assure you they are the best part of me.

I put everything I have into everything I do. Because it’s the way it should be.

I am the Communications Director at Christ Community Church in Ardmore, OK, and I am grateful to be a part of this community.

In addition, I own and run Ardmore Multimedia. We are a video production company in Southern Oklahoma. We make videos people love.

I have been writing music since the seventh grade. I wrote worship music for over twenty years to sing in live worship services. A few of these songs are played in churches worldwide, as tracked by CCLI. My song, “Come Let Us Worship,” was published in a Russian Methodist Hymnal.

These days I am working on a folk album under the stage name “Neverdave.” I love writing the full and varied scope of the human experience and occasionally write with and for artists in the CCM genre.

If you would like to collaborate on something beautiful, let me know.



Talk about Healthy Theology

Shoot Video


Write Songs


We make videos people love.  All kinds for all kinds of businesses.  However, we do not shoot weddings. 

Sometimes Funny
Sometimes Sad
Always Quirky 

I will release a new Folk/Americana ALBUM under the stage name of Neverdave in 2023. Production has already begun.  Carl Markham has signed on to produce it. and it is

Look for Neverdave wherever you stream music.

David Delgado Music Playlists
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Ardmore, Oklahoma