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Same Old Song

I was thinking about the quote that I put on the welcome of this site. (“If a songwriter is not careful, he or she might wright the same song over and over again.) Truth is, I was stuck as a songwriter for a longtime but I am moving past that and I think this song actually helped.
The way to get unstuck as a songwriter is to write what is true. What you really believe. Stop being afraid of it. It will set you free.

Lately I have been writing exactly what I am afraid to say and it has helped get these things in the open. The question then becomes, do I really need to share these with anyone else…..Chances are probably not.

Same old Song

by David Delgado
(C)2018 by David Delgado.
All Rights Reserved


Lies are the weapons of children afraid
Scared of the darkness and loosing their way
So they start pretending that they’re not scared
They just start singing the song that they’ve heard  


Same old song
Just a different verse
Same old words

Just a different curse
Same old things that I try to hide
They’ll never tell me the truth
They never satisfy
Same old lie


I’ve been a liar since I was thirteen
I’ve been pretending that I wasn’t afraid

So I kept on singing the tune that I heard
If the words are familiar, you’ll sing every word


To tell you truth
The words of a new song are hidden in me
it’s a song that I’m too scared to sing